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Maio 09 2010

Ora aqui está uma notícia que nunca esperei dar. Carlos D, baixista dos Interpol, abandonou a banda após terminar as gravações no novo disco que tem edição marcada para este ano. Sad News


Aqui fica o comunicado:


"Dear fans,

As some of you have surely heard, Interpol has completed it's new album.
It was recorded at Electric Lady Studios, New York, and mixed with Alan Moulder at Assault and Battery, London.
The four of us poured our collective heart into this music and we are very proud and excited to share it.
It's a heavy record. But we're feeling limber; and we're going to carry it all around the world for you.
Touring begins this summer, so check here soon for announcements and show dates.

There is more:
Sadly, Carlos will not be joining us.

After the completion of the album, Carlos informed the rest of us that he would be leaving the band. He has decided to follow another path, and to pursue new goals. This separation is amicable, and we whole-heartedly wish him great happiness and success. We will remain, as always, deeply respectful fans of this blazingly talented individual.
We can tell you that we have some very exciting new recruits joining us on the road. So stay tuned - we will promptly be revealing the identities of these illustrious players.
We eagerly await the opportunity to reconvene with you all
- the greatest fans known to Rock.

Thank you.

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